Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Policy

We are particularly attentive to protect the data privacy of the users who use this site. So, no name specific data is present on this site. Besides, in the conduct of our operations, we try hard to respect any time the confidentiality of your personal data.

Here are the meditative information when you frequent our site:

Information obtained during your access to the site

As for any website, the servers who accommodate our sites identify the Internet address ( IP) of your internet connection to allow the exchange of data between our servers and your computer. No information allowing to identify you is associated with your IP address.

Information obtained by cookies

« Cookies » are small text files which are downloaded on your hard disk when you visit certain web pages. These files are harmless for your computer on which you have the full control. Our servers use these cookies to personalize the display of pages and to take in certain statistics of use of our sites. It is possible to you any time to modify the configuration of your computer or your software and not to accept any more the download of cookies.